There are good and not so good things about XTRIME's nicopods cans.

Xtrime Nicotine pouches from the manufacturer of well-known products Killa / Pablo comes from a range of nicotine pouches EXTRIME! They probably have no competition in the price / performance ratio! Very successful packaging design, bags at a high level and the taste is great!

Xtrime X range are designed to give a fast and immediate absorption of nicotine. They are very strong!

Brought to you from NGP Empire - the producers of the Killa range of nicotine pouches.

Made in Denmark

What are nicotine pouches (nicopods)?

Nicotine pouches are completely white sachet portions, both before and during use, and do not cause yellowing of teeth or unpleasant bad breath. Beacause of their discretion, you can enjoy them anywhere, for example: in the office, in a restaurant, in a cinema or in a car while driving. They don't bother you, with smoke or smell, yourselve or anyone else. It is therefore a completely discrete method of using nicotine. It also serves as a healthier alternative to tobacco products. Nicotine pouches can help you quit smoking.


You can enjoy EXTREME nicotine pouches from the same manufacturer of KILLA or PABLO puck in seven great variants! Lime, forest fruit or 2 mint representatives of this new brand.

Slightly sweet forest fruit flavor. The nicotine content is 16 mg / g (12 mg / pouch). If you buy at least 10 pieces of this product, you will get a quantity discount 10% off.

Neruon freeze stands up to it's name! None of your neurons will go unnoticed. As with NICO lash. Extreme brain freeze in combination with a great nicotine kick! If you buy...

Lime member of the new brand of nicotine pouches Extreme. The natural taste of lime with a subtle undertone of mint in each pouch! You can find a stronger variant here. If you...

Arctic cold right under your lip! Ice-cooling refreshing mint flavor in combination with a medium-high nicotine content.

If you buy at least 10 pieces of this product, you will get a quantity discount 10% off.